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Adtech Expertise & Innovation Manager

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About fifty-five

Part of You & Mr Jones, the world’s first brandtech group, fifty-five is a data company helping brands collect, analyse and activate their data across paid, earned and owned channels to increase their marketing ROI and improve customer acquisition and retention. Headquartered in Paris with offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai, the data company was named by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech firms in Europe, thanks to its unique technology approach combining talent with software and service expertise. Fifty-five is a consultancy specializing in data and analytics for marketing. Founded by former executives of Google Europe, the company combines consulting, technology and media advisory services to help brands capitalize on the impact of data. Thus, fifty-five intervenes throughout the customer life cycle, from advertising interactions to on-site conversion, to CRM.

About the role

This Media E&I (Expertise and Innovation) Manager role is responsible for researching the range of adtech solutions in the market and advising in-house teams and clients on the correct strategy for implementing and deploying the ideal configuration, depending on the client’s objectives and requirements. Candidate will be expected to have deep specialist skills and experience in delivering adtech solutions for the efficient deployment of digital campaigns for large and sophisticated advertisers, against both branding and performance metrics. The role is part of fifty-five’s Expertise and Innovation division, a team of highly advanced Media Tech experts who have responsibility for propagating best practice in our group, for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the leading tools in the market, and for shaping fifty-five’s differentiated positioning in a constantly changing adtech environment.

About you

With a great technical expertise in using a range of adtech to deliver attribution, DMP and other advanced digital media solutions, you will be able to rise above the operational level to train employees in the challenges of advanced programmatic advertising. As part of the fifty-five Expertise and Innovation division, you will work with both our media experts and our consulting team, particularly in the context of technological interfacing between ad-centric and site-Centric tools. An excellent project manager who loves teamwork, you will be able to work with the fifty-five product managers and engineers team, especially on issues of integrating the Google DoubleClick, Adobe and other industry-standard adtech tools into bespoke client solutions.


  • Excellent understanding of the issues related to DMPs as well as the ecosystem of the various actors implementing and deploying DMP programmes
  • Delivery of sophisticated attribution projects, based on findings from algorithmic analysis and industry-standard tools
  • Expert knowledge of: adserving tools, in particular Doubleclick Campaign Manager; DMP; DSP, in particular Doubleclick Bid Manager; tag management tools, especially Google Tag Manager; web analytics tools, especially Google Analytics and Adobe
  • An excellent understanding of the issues related to flow management as well as the stakeholder ecosystem
  • Highly recommended HTML and Javascript skills

Minimum Experience

  • 4 to 8 years’ experience in digital media agency or web advertising agency
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